Indian men just can’t flirt. And if you find yourself getting offended at this, you definitely can’t flirt and somebody had called you out before. So chill the F out. Cos you’re not alone. There are people way creepier than you. 

1. Y BRO Y? I iz sed. 


2. Apologising for Indian men for the rest of my life. 

Rear front

3. Uhhh, that’s a f***king PEDO!


4. I mean, dude, at least say ‘hello’ first.


5. I don’t even think this qualifies as flirting but then, nothing here does. 

Rear Fromt

6. This whole article should be a Trigger Warning. 


7. I gotta admit, I am running out of captions because these guys are operating on a whole different level.


8. You know what, this guy is actually being nice… at least at the time the screenshot was taken. 


9. Oh, he has cancer. That makes it normal. 


10. EWW! WTF! EWW! Also PEDO alert!

Smile World

11. Bro, why would you even? 


12. That’s… pretty direct. 


13. It’s a damn painting. They are trying to bang a painting. 


14. He is genuine, guys. Cut him some slack. 

Indian Express

15. Itna dard hai inn lafzon mein

Indian Express

16. WTF sasta MF Hussain. 

Indian Express

17. It’s funny till you realise that’s not a 5-year-old. 

Well, I am never subjecting myself to this again. And again, we as a country and a gender apologise to the rest of the world for the creation of such specimen.