COVID cases might be on a rise in India due to the 2nd wave but there are some states in the country that have absolutely eradicated the virus. Case in point: 

1. Assam

Well, COVID is obviously over in the northeastern state of India. I am not saying that. The state’s home minister did. 

2. Uttar Pradesh

Well, the Kumbh Mela is still on, with thousands of people everywhere. So, naturally, it must be over!

4. Tamil Nadu

You would hope that Kamal Haasan would know better. But hey, what do we know? 

Financial Express

5. Goa

Goa had new year’s parties as usual. Thankfully, they have wolverine’s immunity. So it’ll be fine. 

6. Delhi

Delhi people will just ask COVID, ‘jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?’ and the virus will piss off at light speed. There’s no other logical explanation.

India Today

7. Maharashtra

Oh, the beaches are open. And everyone is without masks. What could possibly go wrong? 


8. Bihar

Bihar was COVID-free before 2020 was over. Legends!


9. Odisha

This is nice. At least the state has the infrastructure to deal with an extreme rise in cases

India Today

In case, you still don’t get it, COVID is not over. The vaccines will take a bit of time to reach you. Until then, stay the hell home.