The Indian summer is an unforgiving thing. It is brutal, impartial and all encompassing. This is what the Indian summer does to us. And we’re not even kidding.

1. How India feels about global warming.

2. What happens to our Ice-Creams.

3. What happens to our food.

4. How we feel every single day.

5. What the Indian summer does to anything that is cold.

6. What happens to every kind of packaged food.

7. What the sun does to us.

8. This is what happens to the ice in our drinks.

9. What “Loo” means to us.

10. What happens to us indoors.

11. What happens when we have power-cuts.

12. How we react when we see a fire in the summer.

13. How we feel when a random window shines sun-fire into our eyes.

14. When we step out at 2 in the afternoon.

15. What happens to our cars.

16. What happens to our bikes.

17. What we all are hoping for.