There’s something about superstitions. Even though we all know that there’s no science backing them up and we can all do a lot better without them, we simply can’t stop believing in them. Here are a few Indian superstitions I’m sure a lot of us still believe in.

1. If you call out someone’s name when they’re leaving the house, they’ll have bad luck in their endeavours.

“I think I’ll go for the interview later.”

2. Nazar-Battus like the Kaala Teeka , the Raaksha’s face and the Lemon-Chillies can save you from buri nazar .

“Bring it on bitches, I am buri nazar -proof!”

3. It’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.

“I’ll wait for someone else to cross before me.”

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4. You shouldn’t wash your hair on Tuesdays and Saturdays as it can cause harm to your brother.

“You’re taking a bath… Don’t you love me bro?”

5. Giving odd sums of money as aashirwaad brings good luck to the receiver.

“Oh cool, she gave me Rs. 11, I should be able to clear the IAS paper now.”

6. You shouldn’t look into broken mirrors as it brings bad luck.


7. A twitchy left eye is a good omen for men. A twitchy right eye is lucky for women.

“My superstition sense is tingling…”

8. Whistling at night attracts snakes into the house.

“So watch before you whistle.”


9. You should not throw fallen hair strands around or you might get into a fight with your family.

“Looks like you need an appointment at Dr. Batra’s!”

10. If someone sneezes before you’re about to travel or do something important, it is a bad omen.

“You did that on purpose! You don’t even have a cold!”

11. Number 13 is considered an evil number. Many Indian high-rise buildings don’t have the 13 th floor.

“Because sometimes, all you have is denial.”

12. Crushing lemons under the wheels of your new car prevents any future accidents.

“Shouldn’t have made neembu paani with those lemons.”


13. Yawning too often means that someone is thinking about you.

“Or you could just be bored.”

14. If your left palm itches, you’re going to run into some money soon.

“Will I become a millionaire if  I have naturally scratchy palms? “

15. Sneezing an odd number of times could be a sign that something is about to go wrong.

“Shit! I lost count.”

16. Seeing a cat giving birth brings good luck.

“Really? Activating YouTube!”