It’s appalling how people can stoop to any level for money, as this 66-year-old man has recently demonstrated. Ramesh Kumar Swain defrauded and married 27 women from ten different states for money.  


As per the reports, the con man was arrested by the Odisha police while he was travelling in a car in Bhubaneswar. Swain is one of Odisha’s most notorious fraudsters, having married middle-aged, educated, and well-off women from various states only to defraud them later.

Among his brides were a Supreme Court lawyer, an officer of the Kerala Administrative Service, a Chartered Accountant, an officer in a paramilitary force, a senior executive from an insurance company, and doctors.

The women that Swain targeted were over 40 years of age, coping with divorce, or had family issues. 

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The 5 feet 2 inch tall man, who has only finished Class X, is also accused of defrauding 13 banks in Kerala of Rs 1 crore using 128 forged credit cards, as well as defrauding people in Hyderabad of Rs 2 crore by promising their children seats in MBBS courses.

As per the police, the accused approached women under the guise of a doctor and deceived them. The Bhubaneswar Police Department has formed a task force to reach out to all of his victims, which number over 90 women so far.

To deceive women the sexagenarian Ramesh Chandra Swain changed his name to Dr Bibhu Prakash Swain and Dr Ramani Ranjan Swain. He used matrimonial websites like,, and to find his targets. Swain comes from the Kendrapara district of Odisha, where he grew up in a coastal village.

Though he looked more than 60 in real life, his victims ignored it while considering his government job. Swain took full advantage of the women’s helplessness and laid elaborate traps. 

-Umashankar Dash, Bhubaneswar deputy commissioner

After a police complaint was filed by one of his wives from Delhi, whom he married in 2020, he was arrested after 38 years. The arrest was made under sections 498 (A), 419, 468, 471 and 494 of the Indian Penal Code.

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Swain defrauded a woman for the first time in 1982, and the last in 2020. His most recent marriage, to a teacher, took place in a Delhi Arya Samaj temple.

Fraudsters like Swain will exist as long as society forces women into marriages. Hopefully incidents like these help society to introspect and learn.