Indian serials are full of surprises, no really, they can even beat the action scenes of south movies. All these years, nothing has changed except the fact, the scenes from Indian TV shows are memes now. 

And we decided to create a meme festival for you to have some fun. All we have done is curate some of the best scenes from Indian TV for you to watch. 

Let’s cringe together. 

1. Remember Gopi Bahu, who washed a laptop with detergent? And Rasode mein kaun tha? Well, that was not the end. We have more. In this scene, Gopi’s husband tries to wake her up from a coma by saying ‘Mujhe green tea do!’

2. This is the latest edition for you from the show Thapki Pyar Ki. The scene shows how just a few drops of water make him slip, and accidentally put sindoor on her head. I want to witness how this scene was shot. 

3. The man swallows a cockroach with milk out of anger on his suhagraat. That it, I am done here. 

4. This scene from Sasural Simar Ka shows you how one slap can actually put your life in danger.

5. One more from Sasural Simar Ka. It shows how a saree pallu wraps around her neck, and she cannot escape but dies. We leave it at that!

6. You can now reach the moon in your car. I didn’t know this. This bride wants a Chaand ka tukda, and she somehow gets it.

7. This woman traps herself inside a suitcase, and you should see what happens next. 

8.  And how could I even end it without this. The most famous laptop washing scene by Gopi Bahu.

Saste nashe karna band karo!