We Indians are a bunch of danger-loving, risk-taking people. We Indians really like to live life on the wild side. While the world says 'good morning,' we say ' aaj kuch toofani karte hain.' True story.

Here's proof. And you thought growing up in Sparta was difficult? Aww.

1. Because nothing scares us. Nothing.

Source: Scraps99

2. Because this is what you get when you ask an Indian girl her age.

Source: Mixed Nuts

3. Because whiskey is for the weak.

Source: My India Pictures

4. Because fuck the grammar Nazis.

Source: Jalakam Thukaram

5. Because the show must go on.

Source: Comedy Jokes

6. Because sadak humare baap ki hai .

Source: The Virally

7. Because we don't drive fast. We fly slow.

Source: Goa Streets

8. Because we don't just put aloo in samosas .

Source: Lazyeebee

9. Because challenge accepted.

Source: Soul Steer

10. Because we say STFU with tameez .

Source: Mudraa

11. Because we hunted Spongebob Squarepants.

Source: Indya101

12. Because 'I am the danger.'

Source: Taringa

13. Because the Italians know nothing.

Source: Nisha Madhulika

14. Because... yeah.

Source: Sanket Phakatkar

15. Because even our menus are mean.

Source: My India Pictures

16. Because cow milk is for the weak.

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17. Because we're sabse tez .

Source: Raj Badani

18. Because we're sexy and we know it.

Source: Zappa

19. Because why should gais have all the fun?

Source: Tolly n Bolly

20. Because we do it better than Nike .

Source: Story Glitz

21. Because even the aliens want us.

Source: Khas Khabar

22. Because my anaconda don't want none.

Source: Indigenous people of the world

23. Because nobody understands technology like we do.

Source: Funbull

24. Because mirrors are so yesterday.

25. Because even our cardboard cops are fast and furious.

Source: News

26. Because fuck gravity.

Source: Ajay Thakur

27. Because we make love, not war.

Source: Free1

Danger fits us like a glove. Or like anything else that fits perfectly. Got it, mate?