In a sweet paradox called life, there come moments when you don’t know how to react. Moments when you’re super happy but at the same time, well, awkward as fuck as well. Admit it, we’ve all had those moments.

Just like our fellow Indians right here. One look at them and you’ll immediately know what a cruel twist of fate looks like.

1. Good news: It’s your wedding today!

Bad news: You have diarrhea.


2. Good news: The love of your life is giving you a drink.

Bad news: The drink is going someplace else.

Deli keci

3. Good news: You’re enjoying some quality time.

Bad news: The quality time is about to get over.

Anuj Shukla

4. Good news: You’re getting felicitated.

Bad news: The felicitation will be followed by a slap.

5. Good news: You’re getting married!

Bad news: Nobody consulted you.


6. Good news. It’s your birthday.

Bad news. You’ve turned ‘755’ years old. Also, you’ll be force-fed cake.

aam admi party news

7. Good news: You’re meeting an old friend.

Bad news: So is your wife.

8. Good news: Simar makkhi banne waali hai!

Bad news: It’s flooding.


9. Good news: You’re a part of the bride and groom’s memory.

Bad News:You’re a part of the bride and groom’s memory.

10. Good news: Sunny Leone visits your school.

Bad news: You’re punished.

Bollywood life

11. Good news: It’s the best sleep you’ve had in years.

Bad news: You were supposed to do yoga.

adept page

12. Good news: Girls think you’re a gentlemen.

Bad news: You’ve been friendzoned.


13. Good news: You’re laughing.

Bad news: You don’t want to laugh.


14. Good news: They want you at the awards ceremony.

Bad news: You WILL feel left out.

Junior Bachchan

15. Good news: He says he’s a big fan of yours.

Bad news: His t-shirt begs to differ.


Like they say people, kabhi khushi, kabhi gham. Aur kabhi dono ek saath.