Sometimes, the only thing that makes sense is life is to take a break. To just stretch your arms, recline your chair and say, “To hell with everything… I need some time off!” Just like these people, who did not give a single damn about where they were, what they were doing and continued to chillax like a boss:

1. This ATM security guard who can multitask on his 24X7 job with ease.

Source: Twitter

2. This bank employee who’s passing her time by wasting everybody else’s.

Source: StoryGlitz

3. This lady who’s a little too bored with whatever’s happening around.

Source: Indiaopines

4. These students who are just taking a power nap.

Source: LOLIndia

5. This ATM guard who’s probably withdrawing cash in his dreams.

Source: Flickr

6. This Spiderman who’s taking some time off from fighting crime.

Source: XciteFun

7. This auto driver who doesn’t really give a damn about anything. ANYTHING.

Source: FunPlace

8. These guys who are taking a break from the dhakka-mukki of a local train.

Source: GrabHouse

9. This guy who’s having a pretty relaxing rickshaw ride.

Source: MyIndiaPictures

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