“Chalta hai…”

Nothing can ever come close to the happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care nonchalance of these two words. Be it an open manhole, a swaying lamppost or a crumbling building, chalta hai can miraculously make us – well, at least some of us – forget everything and get on with our lives.

Just like these guys who simply couldn’t take some time out to do the right thing:

1. This cashier who’s passing her time by wasting everybody else’s.

Source: StoryGlitz

2. Kyunki yeh bhi chalta hai .

Source: MyIndiaPictures

3. The guy who designed THIS stairway to heaven.

Source: DailyMoss

4. This news reporter who doesn’t really know what he’s talking about!

Source: RookiStew

5. This guy who’s making you an offer you probably can’t refuse.

Source: Blogcdn

6. This truck driver who saved himself a trip to the mechanic.

Source: MyIndiaPictures

7. This guy who’s planning on getting the mosquitoes drunk.

Source: Bajiroo

8. This ATM security guard who can multitask with his 24X7 job.

Source: Twitter

9. This driver who’s got a specialist rain cover for his seat.

Source: Bajiroo

10. This aunty who’s riding with her kid like a BOSS.

Source: Bajiroo

11. This driver who’s installed a high-impact airbag on his own.

Source: Bajiroo

12. This motorcycle owner who’s got himself an awesomely pleasing horn!

Source: Bajiroo

13. This beginner swimmer who’s taking all the necessary precautions.

Source: Tsfluff

14. The owner of THIS car.

Source: RookieStew

15. The writer of THIS notice board who doesn’t want you to eat the carpet.

Source: Facebook

16. This signboard that is showing you the way to heaven.

Source: MyIndiaPictures

PS: The article was supposed to have 20 photographs . But on second thoughts… c ha lta hai.

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