With the lockdown in full effect, airlines in India have some time on their hands, considering there’s no flights. Everyone’s on ground, and recently, they decided to have some fun online.

IndiGo put things in motion with this tweet.

For those not in the know, ‘Flying Higher’ is Vistara’s slogan in PR campaigns. Going along sportingly, Vistara tweeted this. 

As you might have guessed, ‘Fly Smart’ is the GoAir slogan. They continued the game with a tweet as well.

And the whole thing continued with Air Asia, who’s tagline is, ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’.

SpiceJet also got in on the action following the shout-out from Air Asia. They proceeded to bring in Delhi Airport, using their line, ‘Creating a safer tomorrow, today’.

Delhi Airport then tagged the whole crew, saying it looked forward to seeing everyone in the sky again.

And finally, IndiGo, the ones who started this airline camaraderie, finished things off.

It’s good to see people getting creative in times of crisis, and to help reinforce the fact that we all must stay home. Plus, this conversation was straight up like a bunch of bros just hanging out, which is something we all miss.