People on social media do all sorts of things to bring engagement to their profiles. Keeping your followers updated and engaged helps you to build a better community on social media. 

Well, there is nothing wrong with it. But there are times when we need to avoid such things. Like a funeral cannot be a place to blog or photoshoot. 


Recently, an influencer from Florida, Jayne Rivera, was called out for one such post. This social media influencer posed in front of her father’s open casket and captioned the post, “Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi, you were my best friend. A life well-lived.”

She even added hashtags like #dadless #funeral with the post. In the series of eight pictures that she posed for, you can see her dad’s clasped hands, she is smiling and praying in other pictures. 


The American flag draped across her father’s casket also indicates that her late dad was a veteran of some description.

Rivera has 84,800 Instagram followers and 307,300 followers on TikTok. She is a fitness model, as mentioned on her social media handles. After the incident, many have already unfollowed her.

However, people did not take this post well and many of them were appalled to see the pictures. 


 So far, she has deactivated her account and has not made any public statement about it.