It was the best of times, it was the cheapest of times. Ah, yes. For many of us, college was a truly magical period. The friendships we forged, the good times we shared, those damned embarrassing stories those traitors we now call ‘friends’ will never let us forget and bring up at our wedding day in front of the entire guest list.

Sigh. Magic. In between all this, however, was actual stuff that we did. You know, the reasons for which our parents actually sent us there. And these infographics accurately sum up those moments. We promise.

Ah, summer vacations. The time when all our most well laid out plans went up in smoke the minute we hit the sack.

Although, TBH, getting a job hasn’t really changed this.

Because one must feed the body as well as the mind, right?

Wait, there are lectures at 8:40?

Honestly, the first lecture was more like a buffer period.


Got to put our best foot forward, right?

What is Friday, if not the first day of the weekend?

Design credit: Adhikaar Batra