We’ve all been there at least once in our lives, when we cooked something so bad for someone we loved, we wished we never tried. 

Cooking for Bae is one such Instagram account that is dedicated to such disastrous struggle plates, as they are called, cooked by couples who send the pictures to the admin to share. And aside from the fact that looking at these plates alone makes you lose your appetite, it’s the captions that are a win-win. 
So, next time you end up preparing a crappy dish, just remember you are not alone. 

1. Are you also wondering what that thick brown paste on the toast is?

2. Well, at least it looks edible!

3. The glass of beer is the only attractive thing on this table. 

4. When you have no cooking skills, whatsoever…

5. Quite a ‘pickle!’

6. Does this even qualify as a dish?

7. My hunger just died. 

8. Mango and baked beans for lunch, anyone?

9. Is this even safe to eat? *gulp*

10. What do we even call this dish?

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Lunchtime #struggleslicesunday #cookingforbae

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11. Chicken waffle with cheese? *face palm*

12. Sausages and mashed potatoes have never looked so unappealing. 

13. More like intestine tacos…

14. Why even try?

15. Looks dry AF but maybe tasty. What say?

16. Quessidila with cheese, pickle and sauce? Can’t even look at it!

17. When you pretend you are a 5-star chef…

18. No! Please no! 

19. You want some Pho?


Well, at least the effort counts.