Someone wise on the Internet once said about siblings, “why did my parents have to do that to me?” That someone will remain unknown. 

Here are 15 posts from the Instagram account Sibling Problems that perfectly explain the struggle that is your life with a sibling, whether young or old.

When your sibling becomes the unsolicited quality inspector for online goods.

Board games with siblings almost always mean a full-blown war.

Doppel Tap if you can relate 😂

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When you’re the guinea pig for their life experiments.

When you have to reluctantly compromise on the behest of higher authorities.

When they’re always around. All the time.

When bathrooms become prime real estates.

When you realize you have the worst subordinates… err… siblings.

When any concept of personal property is pointless.

When your sibling learns the art of annoying you without breaking rules.

You regret telling them anything.

You’re scared when your parents say your older sibling will babysit today.

When they’re always assigning you shitty jobs.

Your ability as a human to trust another human vanishes when you live with siblings.

You’re always *this* close to destroying them.

Contrary to what Taylor Swift believes about negativity, you just can’t shake your siblings off.

Keen observational skills are key when you’re living with a sibling.

Siblings are best friends for life. Whether you like it or not.