Growing up in an Indian household is the best thing until your mom wakes you up by switching off the fan or your dad catches you coming late at night. But do you think your childhood would have been fun without all this drama? Absolutely not!

We found an Instagram account called Indianscribbles that sums up the life in every Indian household, and we have a lot to chuckle at. 

The comic artist and animator, Vibha, goes by the name Indianscribbles. Her comics on Indian families are so relatable and cute that they will surely put a smile on your face.  

1. Remember the time when your mother would put half a bottle of oil in your head? Gosh, I would die for that champi now!

2. Looking for ways to convince your mom to order food from outside? Try this.

3. Now that’s the correct way to eat watermelon in a desi family!

4. The only betrayal we signed up for every morning.

5. The never-ending war to get the Ghutli (center) of mango. 

Who else would choose moms lemonade over gola any day of the week? Me

7. Mom always helps us to put things into perspective. Read this to know-how. 

8. Who is your partner for midnight snacking?

9. Never say no!

10. High five if you are bad at making small talk. 

11. Did this ever happen to you? 

12. Aur karo bhoot ki baate. 

Pretty relatable, right? 

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