When it comes to entertainment, a lot has changed over the years. While people from the 18th and 19th century kept themselves entertained with a lot of priceless art, the 21st century is all about the meme-fest. 

So, what if we tell you that there is an Instagram page which gives us the best of both worlds? That’s right! ancient_memez is a page that changes the most serious paintings into a hilarious meme. See it for yourself. 

Boundaries, have you heard of them? 

Oh sure! I’m not high AT ALL. 

That one time you won salesman of the month. 

Main aur meri allergies aksar yeh baatein karti hai..

Excuse you, I’m leaving right after I eat that dessert. 

Honestly, all I drink is water. 

Kyunki shauk badi cheez hai

Animals are so damn cute. 

Why should boys have all the fun? 

Lekin main.. tumse yeh .. arey.. magar

Another Sunday, another rerun of FRIENDS.

I am not insecure at all. 

Bhagwan iss baar pass karade, har roz padhunga

Tu hi mere sabse achha dost hai.

Bhagwaan ke naam pe dede.

Nahiiiiii! Kya maine tujhe isi din ke liye padhaya aur bada kiya?

New number. Who dis?

I really wanna watch something else but remote kitna door hai. 

If these doesn’t make you laugh then please go back to the 20th cetury.