We now live in times, jaha sab kuchh hi content hai. Before you go on and check Instagram to find out what changed in the last five minutes – wait and read. Because, here’s someone who can tickle your funny bone, while you scroll.

Ronit Ashra, also ‘The Boy In A Wig’, is a content creator, who’s got something for everyone with a filmy keeda and in need of a good laugh. 

Bollywood and Indian TV shows are about drama and a lot of tadka – he’s got both, with a touch of humour. He re-creates iconic moments from movies and interviews, featuring celebrities and it’s hilarious.

The honest Bigg Boss series:

Bollywood, take jugaad lesssons – I mean, he knows affordable fashion.

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Aur thoda drama toh sabko pasand hai.

But, I love him for his wigs. Ekdum on point.

Sab hi stalk kar rhe the, but he gave us the Vicky-Katrina mashup, we didn’t even know we needed.

Lock Upp matt dekho, bass yeh reel dekh lo, bohot hai. You’ll be up to date.

Ronit, tusi bade mazakiya ho.