Before memes became popular, there was the magical world of Harry Potter that captured our attention. But it’s 2021, which means we get to combine the best of both worlds. 

Or rather, this Instagram page does it for us by serving the most epic desi memes about the Harry Potter world. 

Yes, the Instagram page named Maglumemes is dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. Only, its dedications are in the form of memes. 

With over 500 posts and over 30k followers (at the time of writing this article), this page is a goldmine of humorous content that will leave you laughing harder than the Weasley twins’ magic tricks. 

I mean, “Dabangg Hermione” is the spin-off that might just drag us back to the theatres! 

And let’s be honest, we all felt Harry’s love story was ‘golmaal‘.

Never thought about this, but kya Dumbledore hi Don hai?

‘Welcome’ to a whole new version of Harry Potter! 

Gotta love how ‘chup chup ke’ Harry killed the Horcruxes. 

Hopefully, the team will not be called ‘death eaters’. 

Yeh hai ‘Hogwartspur’.

Yeh deewar cement se nahi, ma ke pyaar se bani hai!

Aur darr ke aage Howler hai! 

Does that mean Hagrid is Vikas?

*Everything is planned*

The page both creates and compiles desi memes on Harry Potter and you can check out more of its content here