Nostalgia and Bollywood go hand in hand, especially in the case of this Instagram account that posts the memorable videos that are a blast from the past. 

Serving up fresh Bollywood gold, @notwhyral is an Instagram account for everyone who loves Indian cinema. 

This video reminds us that all of us have humble beginnings 

We know how well that played out

I don’t know any Mansi ma’am but after watching this, I do have a crush on her

Annnndd, ladies & gentlemen, this is why Sushmita Sen was, is, and will always be a boss woman

Oh, how apt!

This is why it hurts a little more to lose a gem like him

Okay,  I don’t know about you but I have a crush on young Fardeen Khan now

Wow, just WOW

Potterheads assemble!

Personally, I would have preferred him to be shirtless 

Okay, this song is stuck in my head now. 

Isn’t this just like a time capsule but better?