Have you ever looked at a painting and pretended to know what it ‘portrays’? You know, nodding at an art exhibition just to fit in. 

All vintage art and renaissance paintings seem to have a deeper meaning, or an important backstory to them. But, if we think of it, our issues haven’t evolved as much. It’s always unrequited crushes, existential crisis, disappointed parents and so on. We can probably even predict the events from these paintings. 

Well, this Instagram page which goes by the name Pracheen Vibes, does exactly that. The vibes are pracheen, but the feelings are ‘brand new’. They’ve transformed art into memes, and it’s more relatable than it sounds. From present-day dating, to life that’s a mush of different things, this page has got something to leave you with a giggle. Basically, memes are the new art form, and you gotta see. 

And, it looks like relationships were not all that different, back then. 

Or the fact that dad jokes have always existed. 

We’ve all got more fears than we’ve friends. 

“Sab theek ho jayega”, what kind of garbage advice is that?

I can live without a hobby, but I cannot live without ordering food online. 

Circle of life. 

Something, even mothers can’t find – kyunki exist hi nahi karte.

It’s always “wyd”, and never “I’ll order you food”.

Water is clearly not the solution. 

A family dinner you wouldn’t want to skip. 

*ABCDEFGHI..I Love You plays in the background*

It’s always been a thing. 

No wonder kids scream and cry. 

It’s always better to laugh it off than face it, no?