Last night, Instagram removed the ‘following’ option from the activity tab where you could see what other people were up to – a move that wasn’t exactly appreciated by the users.

Obviously, stalking isn’t ideal or encouraged, but being able to see other people’s activity was half the point of Instagram. 

Now, what am I supposed to do? Just put my picture and that’s it? Phir kya? How many times will I check the likes and comments on my own post?

Not gonna lie, I spent more time on the following tab than I did on my timeline.

Of course, to quench my thirst for information – like, when someone hearts 6 pictures of another person in one go obviously something is going on yaar come on.

But besides that, I also discovered many new interesting pages and accounts. It’s Insta culture dude. 

No one goes and asks their followers ‘oye naya page batana?Kya page bataega insaan off the bat?

And what about me getting to know things about my crush because I don’t have the confidence to talk, haan?

What about that? Does Instagram realise it ruined relationships before they could even start?


No, because apparently, the feature wasn’t ‘used by people’. Who are these people exactly? I don’t know one such ‘people’.

I am straight up not having a good time on Instagram bro!