For millennials, social media plays an intrinsic role in every part of their lives. Which means break-ups are not limited to just returning old gifts. It also, often, leads to blocking contacts and removing painful posts. But a young woman has changed the rules of the game and how.


Rosie, who hails from Singapore, went back to her old archived Instagram posts which featured her ex-boyfriends. And reposted them because she looked ‘cute’ in them. Oh, she also edited the captions to be ‘more accurate’. 

She posted about it on Twitter, while also adding that her intention was not to ‘shame’ any of the men, but to acknowledge her ‘experiences and pain’, and ‘move on’. 

Naturally, the internet was in love with her brand of self-love and wasted no time in supporting her actions: 

Be right back, got some photos to unarchive!