There are some photos which seem normal the first time you see them, the second time you see and maybe even the third time you see them, but when you finally see it, (if this was 2010 we’d say) you shit bricks.

One such photos is going viral on the Internet. Without further ado, here’s the photo in question.

Daily Mail

Do you see something fishy? No, there ain’t no shark swimming up from behind. It is related to the six women. Scroll up and have another look.


Well, if you are tired of finding what’s wrong in the photo, let us tell you. Notice the guy standing behind, photobombing the picture? Look at him carefully.

Daily Mail

If you still couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with this image, we’re worried for you. But then, we spend most of our days staring at images like these.


Well, someone on the Internet photoshopped this picture and morphed the face of the guy standing behind on the faces of all six of the bikini-clad women.

 God bless the Internet.