We introverts are the calm before the storm. We’re quiet, observant, analytical and people of few words. 

Extroverts may rule the world, but we create worlds. And, all you introverted readers will probably agree on how difficult it gets for us to express ourselves or actually open our mouths for the sake of socialising. We’re not against human interaction completely, but we prefer the intimacy of a select few people who we allow to step into our lives. 

So yeah, it’s a little hard to understand or communicate with us, but we also comprehend deep emotions, unlike most people. To really get to know an introvert, one needs to give them time and space to open up. While we say one thing, there are innumerable thoughts going on inside our heads. And because we’re incredibly private people, happy in our dens, we do come across as ‘weirdos’ or low on life at times! But we’re not bad people, we’re just… different. 


Here are some awesomely adorable illustrations that’ll reveal what really goes on in the mind of an introvert:
















We’re not low on life, people! We’re way more crazy than you could ever know.

Stunning artwork by Anish Kumar Daolagupu