Being an introvert is also a skill. You should be pro at avoiding people, conversations and everything around. While others think that introverts are shy, it’s just that they find it exhausting to socialise.

They’d rather use that time to read these memes and laugh because it doesn’t involve meeting people.

1. Communication skills. What’s that?

2. All day mood.

3. That one time we dare to ask a question or text someone.

4. Mauka milte hi bhaago.

5. Why can’t people just text?

6. The doors are closed.

7. We won’t talk. Period.

8. We told you it’s gonna be this way always.

9. Hardwork, anyone?

10. “Mujhe ghar jaana hai.”

11. Prevention is better than cure.

12. We don’t want another family. We are just fine.

13. We always have plans that do not include going out.

14. “Main apni favourite hoon.”

15. No worries, we can lock ourselves in.

16. We are good listeners.

17. If it involved meeting people, yes we are busy.

18. That one person is the reason why we attend parties.

19. “It’s been 84 years”.

20. Our life is full of such awkward moments.

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