On this very day, 29th June, in the year 2007, Apple sold its first ever iPhone. In its time, it was magnificent and it certainly started a trend, a statement. The market was abuzz with the release of the first Apple phone and people went crazy over it. All these years later, people are still crazy about it. For most buyers, once an iPhone-er always an iPhone-er. The first of its type has long come and gone, and people hardly talk about it anymore. They have forgotten how it all started. But on this day, 8 years later, it has come back to have a face to face (or rather phone to phone) conversation with the 6th generation iPhone, Apple iPhone 6!

Well, of course it can’t actually come back. But if it did, here is probably how the conversation would go:

This is one ‘telephonic’ conversation for the ages! Especially 1 to 6.