Released in 2002, Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani continues to inspire filmmakers all around the world.

The film revolutionized the art of filmmaking to such an extent that movies like The Matrix and Terminator 2: Judgement Day directly lifted scenes from this film.

Oh, wait, or was it the other way around? 

Well, it doesn’t matter. ‘Cause the movie was a cinematic triumph. 

So, we decided to pay a tribute of sorts to it by immortalizing its scenes in memes. Take a look.

1. In a relationship. With my job. 

2. Because ab toh bhagwan hi maalik hai.

3. The struggle is real.

4. Works at ‘Not yet working, I’m still a student’. 

5. Priorities.

6. Objection overruled. 

7. Admit it. We all have that one chindi friend.

8. Because all my friends were born on ‘Naag Panchami’.

9. Mom pliss.

10. R.I.P nose hair.

11. Chubhti, jalti garmi ka mausam aaya.

12. Because I’m always hungry.

13. Me: Aaj raat time pe so jaaoonga.

      Netflix: LOL

14. Toh main naa samjhoon?

15. Go Goa gone.

Raise your hands if you want a sequel to this awesomeness.