Just like all great pranksters, Akie Abe, the Japanese first boss lady went to dinner with her husband, Japanese prime minster, Shinzo Abe and other world leaders including the Trumps. She had a kickass plan in mind. And that night, at the G20 summit in Germany, she would make it work.

Looking back at the American president’s odd, twisted history of inappropriate comments and forced proximity with the First Ladies he has met, she naturally wanted to avoid contact with the man altogether.


After an opera performance, the party headed to dine. Mrs. Abe obviously knew who she was seated next to because for the next 1½-2 hours, she pretended to not know English.

Trump obviously must’ve sat there, all uncomfortable, trying to break the awkward silence with unintelligible sounds and unfinished sentences.


By the first lady was doing just fine. She didn’t seem to mind it one bit. Silence was surely better than listening to his creepy compliments or dimwitted chatter in general. So she stayed shut and minded her own business. Anything to stay away from Trump!

Also, she’s got her English in place and can give full-blown speeches fluently, thank you very much. Not that she seems to care. People are talking about it already.

Wish someone could record the passing expressions of rage and confusion on Trump’s face when he found out.