Whether you've followed him from the 90s or recently got the chance to see his classic comedy, you'll have to agree that Jaspal Bhatti was someone to whom comedy came naturally. 

He was a comic artiste with his own sense of style and understanding of the world. 

Jaspal Bhatti
Source: Tribune India

Recently a clip from his serial Full Tension, that aired on DD National during the 90s, was trending on Twitter. 

In particular, the topic of the clip - sale and purchase of MLAs - is what inclined more people to enjoy Bhatti's comic timing. 

More than his comic brilliance, which everyone adored, it was the subject that worked because Jaspal Bhatti's video couldn't get more real, looking at the current political scenario. 

And Twitter was quick to notice the timing. 

He may have passed away years ago but his satire stays and grows, as we can see in today's active politics.