Remember when sometimes as kids, we all used to wear the wrong uniform to school? I, sure as hell, have worn normal uniform on Saturdays instead of whites and that has led to some embarrassment. 


Well, it turns out, I ain’t that bad. Jasprit Bumrah just wore his everyday Byju Indian jersey instead of the WTC Indian jersey today. 


When we first saw it, we thought, that’s a very weird way of saying Thug Life. 

But then, he ran back to his dressing room after an over to get the proper jersey on. Turns out, he wore it by mistake, thus proving once again that all white clothes look alike. 


So Bumrah ran back and changed and Twitter got a bit crazy because of it. 

There you go. If Bumrah can wear the wrong jersey at the biggest stage of them all, I think we can all excuse schoolkids for making the same mistake.