There are two types of people in this world; those who say what they mean and those who say things but don’t actually mean them. People who fall in the latter category usually say nice things to cover up their jealousy. They could be jealous about that brand new watch you are wearing, or that new dress. So we decided to go ahead and decode what they say and tell you what they mean. Hold on tight, this could get messy!

1. Situation: You just bought a new dress.

What they say: “That is such a cute dress!”

What they mean: “Finally, Lady Gaga can be jealous of someone’s dressing sense.” #EvilSmile

2. Situation: You bought a new car.

What they say: “Congratulations, you really deserved it.”

What they mean: “I didn’t know he was making so much money.”

3. Situation: You just won a lottery.

What they say: “Congratulations!”

What they mean: “Isne pull lagai hogi”

4. Situation: Your child just got admission in a well known school.

What they say: “Kitna bright child hai. Yeh toh hona hi tha”

What they mean: “I bet management quota se seat mili hogi woh bhi donations de kar!”

5. Situation: You just bought your first branded bag.

What they say: “Kitna sundar bag hai.”

What they mean: “I bet it is fake.”

6. Situation: You got promoted.

What they say: “Shabash! You deserve it.”

What they mean: “I bet he massaged a few egos to get that promotion.”

7. Situation: You have started dating someone extremely hot .

What they say: “I bet you guys will end up marrying each other.”

What they mean: “I give the relationship 3 months.” #EvilSmile

8. Situation: Your boyfriend gifted you a diamond ring.

What they say: “Oh my god! Kitne Carat?”

What they mean: “Fake diamond hai.”

9. Situation: When you get a great deal during a sale.

What they say: “You really have a good eye for bargains!”

What they mean: “Fluke! She just got lucky.”

10. Situation: When you get a cool, new kitchen appliance.

What they say: ” Damn, that’s so convenient”

What they mean: ” Does she ever get tired of showing off?”

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