We are not oblivious to bizarre/impractical clothing items but trust apparel brands to keep raising the bar. 

In the latest edition of how obnoxious we can get while designing clothes, a brand has designed ‘janties’ AKA jean panties for women. 

*We were promised flying cars, man. I want my money back.*

Designed by Y/Project for Ssense, this extremely comfortable piece of clothing costs $315. That’s ₹21738.94 to be exact. 

Bro Bible

See now, this is what makes me angry. Not the uselessness, not the impracticality, not the stupidity – the audacity to charge 21k for a jeans diaper makes me angry. 

Apparently, it’s an ‘underwear that doesn’t need to stay under there’. Yeah, man, if I spend 21 thousand on a panty, you’d best believe it will be visible from a mile.

Internet was also annoyed with the waste of fabric and here are some of the reactions.

Time to leave this planet!