Amazon boss Jeff Bezos recently went up very high in the air on his private flight. I am sorry, I am just not calling that space. That’s just rich white boys tell themselves to feel good about themselves. 


Speaking of fragile egos, Jeff Bezos ‘spaceship’ also looked like a giant penis, not to be confused with the man himself, mind you. 


Now, ignoring the uncanny resemblance and the many, many questions it raises, we looked at Twitter. At first, Twitter was as confused as everybody else. 

Then it realised what we knew all along. It’s an Austin Powers joke. Oh yeah. it’s that on the nose. 

But this was just the beginning. Because then came the dick jokes. And they haven’t stopped yet. 

Wow. If I were insecure about my small penis, I won’t be going around telling the world about it. Just saying.