Joe Biden has finally become the 46th President of the United States Of America. But for a very long time, Trump supporters did their best to stand against him. 

Trump supporters didn’t acknowledge him as their president even when Biden was appointed as one. But one Twitter user, Prayag Tiwari, gave this narrative a very comical twist. 

He, in a tweet, mentioned that Joe Biden is not his president. 

Well, needless to say, someone asked him if he’s a Trump Supporter but no, he’s just from India so Biden can’t actually be his president. 

And, internet being internet, this soon spread like a wildfire and even turned into a trend- #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident

Some even went to great lengths to reiterate that Joe Biden is not our president.

This trend even reached other countries LOL.

After all this, Prayag even clarified that Trump is not handling his account. 

Well, let me just say it out loud, Joe Biden is really not my president.