John Oliver is known for taking the case of ‘lobbies’ each week in his show Last Week Tonight. He creates quite a stir with his biting satire on issues of all ranges – from tobacco to America’s privatised ‘for-profit’ colleges, the fashion industry. Who can forget the cancer-lung mascot he created to fight the tobacco industry.

In a recent video, he undid the stupidity of the FIFA management and widespread corruption in the body governing International football. One of his targets was ex-VP of FIFA Jack Warner, who is battling charges of a 10 million dollar bribe amongst other charges. Spiked by John Oliver’s brutal episode, he took the local television in Trinidad & Tobago by buying air time. Easily amused, the crew of John Oliver decided to do the same .

John Oliver replied to Warner’s video in splendid fashion, and from what we can see the war of sponsored airtime with escalating production values, has only begun.