There are multitaskers. 

And then there’s Johnny Sins. Seriously, the man can be anything he puts his mind to.

Doctor, astronaut, fireman, teacher; you name it, and he’s done it. 

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Which is why, he has millions of fans around the world. 

Including India.


And he loves India too.

Sins TV

Boys and girls might disagree on a lot of issues but they all agree on Johnny Sins. 

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However, even a global icon like Sins has certain unknown aspects of his life. Which is why, you need to see this sanskari coverage of this legendary personality. 

Sanskari news

Like did you know that he was very shy as a kid? 

Or that he was a construction worker before becoming a pornstar? 

Or that he absolutely loves Rihanna? 

Check out this video right here for more such awesome trivia.