We all love a good laugh. Which explains why the stand-up scene in India is booming right now. Now you might’ve seen your favourite stand-up comics cracking you up but did you know that they have alter egos as well? Alter egos that are as funny as they are?

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at these jokes.

1. When Vicky proved that all sun signs are equal.

2. When Behti proved that nobody can fool her.

3. When uncle Francis proved that he was the most ‘grounded’ guy around.

4. When makeup didi had this epic burn.

5. When Vicky proved just how useless trigonometry was.

6. When Behti proved that doggos > humans.

7. When makeup didi was struck by this tragedy.

8. When Vicky finally decoded ‘Summer of 69’.

9. Because beauty is temporary. Kantaacts are forever.

10. When Uncle Francis got tired of his maid.

11. Seriously, veg food? What’s that?

12. When makeup didi proved she was sanskari AF.

13. When Behti had zero chills.

 14. When Vicky revealed why he had trust issues.

15. When Behti had this to say about marriage.

16. When Make-up didi revealed the secret of her ‘sayxual’ appeal.

17. When Behti took Uncle Sam’s case.

18. When Make-up didi went international. 

19. Our biggest exports.

20. When Shagun didi proved you don’t need a festival to celebrate. 

21. Because what else are newspapers for?

22. When Shagun didi had zero fucks to give.

It’s double the fun and we definitely aren’t complaining.