They probably don’t like journalist stereotypes. And they’ll probably read this list to point out inconsistencies. Or they’re taking a much needed break. Either way, there are some things that really set journalists apart. And to be honest, that just makes them more unique.

And if you are a journalist, maybe, just maybe, you’ll nod and laugh while reading this. Here are some things you might have caught yourself saying. Admit it.

(Disclaimer: The author is a journalist herself)

1. Yaar, iss baar tu paise de de . I’ll get the next one.

It’s true. We’re always broke. We get peanuts and we spend them on…

2. Ek chhoti Gold Flake dena.

Yeah, chances are that we’ve bought a one-way ticket to lung cancer. But no regrets.

3. Shit, shit, shit, I’ve missed my deadline!

We OWN the term procrastination. Yessir.

4. You fu*!