If it is hard to keep yourself from a delicious pizza..

If you find yourself a slave to all your bad habits, this is for you.


Or if your credit card is your best friend (and your worst enemy).


Then what comes next will shock you.

Amazon is selling a bracelet that ‘shocks’ you into a desired behavior.

Called the ‘Pavlok bracelet‘, this is a behaviour-training wearable tech that promises to help you out with your bad habits. How so? It gives you an electric-shock every time you give in to your scumbag brain and its demands.

The bracelet gives a 150 zaps per charge & sends a small electric shock whenever it tracks you doing the habit you are trying to break. 

It quickly conditions your mind to associate an “unpleasant” feeling with your bad habit… and stopping it all together.

The band is available on Amazon.com for $199.99. I think the price is shocking enough!

The bracelet works by combining hardware with software. The bracelet comes with an accompanying app with pre-installed modules for common habits that people may want to break.