Remember the New Year celebrations? How we, oblivious to what was coming our way, were blisfully celebrating the start of the new decade?

Well, it will be ‘that time of the year’ in just a matter of few months again. Except this time, the celebrations seem unlikely. 

*Prays to the vaccine Gods, again*

It is a bit unbelievable, though, right? A little more than 4 months, and we will be in 2021. 

Like, how did this even happen?

Abhi toh we were sending ludo requests to our friends and making dalgona for Instagram. 

And it feels like yesterday when we were baking banana bread (what happened to that, by the way?).

So, it’s odd to think that it was MARCH when things went downhill. 

I remember I was still using a thin blanket at that time. To think that it will soon be time to take it out from the depths of the cupboard…unbelievable. 

In this time, I put the kambal inside, my AC bills started roaring, I got rid of 10 lizards in the house, appreciated the rains and got sick of them… and now I am prepping for winter.

Wasn’t it winter like 2 months ago?

We have spent 5 months locked inside our houses. Well, for the most part of it. 

But weirdly enough, it seems like the ‘old normal’ was a way of living until 15 days ago.

Sometimes, I seriously think this is happening because my mind is blocking out the saddening details of these days. 

Or maybe it is because they are all f*cking same. 

I mean, of course we didn’t realise July turning into August. What have we even done except washing bartan, watering plants and crying?

I also remember a lot of us were looking forward to our birthdays, anniversaries etc. 

People were like, ‘oh my birthday is in June, I’ll be able to celebrate’. Or ‘my anniversary is in August, it will be fine by then’.

Guess f*cking what, even August is going to end, so be prepared to do the online sangeet thing or whatever it is that people do these days. Till the end of this year.

2020 just kept getting worse, with each passing day. It wore us down. It tired the shit out of us. But it ran. Thank God for that. If there is one thing which should run, it’s this year, because most of us are not.

Which is crazy because of the number of things that have happened this year. One setback after another like it’s some fucked up Christopher Nolan movie where you are trapped in a dystopian world and can’t get out of it. 

But a part of my heart is happy that 2021 is approaching. It will be the beginning of a new era. Or so I hope. 

Birthdays jaisa jinx nahin karna, but the curse of 2020 might finally end, setting us free.

In that sense the new year has a huge responsibility on its shoulders. It’s like, no pressure but you’d better put an end to this nonsense. 

2021, you are coming sooner than we expected but our hands, covered in popcorn salt and our bodies, perpetually bent because of sitting on the bed, can’t love you enough for it.