I was aimlessly scrolling through my Instagram when I bumped into a very random page, called ‘ you.can.not.unsee.these.images‘. Truly the hilariously cringy content that I’ve seen there has made quite an imprint. 

We compiled a bunch of vaguely uncomfortable yet hilarious pictures from this account, because why should we suffer alone?

“Yeh kya babasir bana diye ho?”

Keeping up with the Bourgeois of Bollywood: 

World, welcome Kim-Jong-Jethalal!

Dobby and Jaadu’s secret love child that no one knew about: 

A crossover of Hrithik Roshan and Cole Sprouse? Too much good looks in one frame.  

Ab se hamari parampara prathista aur anushasan crossovers hai. 

Hello, main Thor Kejriwal bol raha hoo, abki baar jhaadu ka button dabana mat bhoolna. 

Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai ki apun hi bhagwaan hai. Aur bhagwaan ka address?  221 B Baker Street. 

Going back to the start? 

Kejo-Lisa is the new masterpiece in town: 

“Dobby is free” to do whatever it wants, Dobby is the boss: 

Two of our childhood crushes in one frame, fight me. 

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein  

Breaking Bread: Corona edition: 

Queen Elizabeth X Sonia Gandhi  

Name is Bean, Mr. Bean. 

Iron Man ditching his advanced suit for Shaktiman’s costume proves who the OG superhero is!

BRB, revisiting this page on Instagram.