PM Narendra Modi is a very important and busy man who constantly keeps us updated about his whereabouts via social media. So here is a list of few things we spotted him doing over the years, that are important to remember. 

Indulging in his very productive hobby

Source: IBTimes

Partying it up like there's no tomorrow

Source: Frontline - The Hindu
Source: onmanorama
Source: onmanorama

'Fixing' his imperfections

Source: India Today

Just chilling with his BFF and picking his next Instagram caption

Source: amarujala

Thinking about how to create more content with his favourite pet 

Source: Mint
Source: Indian Express

Trying to find that perfect spot to itch

Source: Money Control

Taking a quick power nap 

Source: Newsroompost

Trying to understand what this dude is high on 

Source: YouTube

Getting ready to star in his own K drama 

Source: WSJ
Source: YouTube

Being a food blogger literally everywhere he goes

Source: Livemint
Source: News18
Source: Xpert

No wonder he is the most important man in India.