There seems to be a direct correlation between only wanting exotic dogs and a person being a dick. There are thousands of ads of people looking to adopt dogs, but when you dig a little deeper, the fine print says that they only want dogs that look like they’d make for the perfect Kardashian showpiece. So here’s a bunch of pictures of ‘exotic’ dogs to hopefully change some perceptions.

Dolly Singh and junior Dolly.


Such exotic, much wow.

Randeep Hooda and his lil pooch. ‘Cos the reverse of God is Dog.

Look at that tongue lolling.

Best media

True love right here, folks.

This little dude is happy even while getting a shot!

John Abraham’s beloved indie pooches.

Can your ‘exotic’ dogs do this?

We’re already in love with Chhaya.

What’s this doggo looking at so intently? Idiots who only prefer pure-breeds?

Long live Dobbie!

Sweet dreams.


Here’s Farhan Akhtar with his special someone.

And check out Shibani Dandekar literally singing with her doggy.

Another cute AF indie pupper.

Down to earth

And last but not least, Madhuri Dixit with her exotic dog – an indie. 

Indulge express

As you can see, our homegrown indie doggies are just as lovable, squishable, and cute as other breeds. So please, give our doggos a chance. You won’t regret it.