'Sadhvi' Pragya has various important tasks and duties to perform as an MP representing Bhopal. After all, working selflessly for the welfare of the people isn't a job everyone is built for. But by god, she does it - hell, she even does it while being sick! Here's proof.

Here she is, after telling the DJ to change the song from Tunak Tunak Tun to Ho Jayegi Balle Balle

Source: Youtube

Praggy ji teaching us how to count on our fingers. Much obliged!

Source: The Print
Source: The Print
Source: The Print

Just two people who love their job staring at each other.

Source: Times Now

A little-known fact about Pragya - she was actually too good for the NBA. She now runs the SBA - The Saffron Sadhvi Basketball Association.

Source: Scroll

Here we see Praggy G using telekinesis to extract gaumutra.

Source: India

Pragya cosplaying as Lord Bobby from Soldier. Both pros at dodging bullets.

Source: Hindustan Times

Praggy straight chilling cos' sometimes you just gotta take a break.  

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Pragya bumping into people in the pool while doing back-stroke.

Pragya recounting one of her famously hilarious stories to the cops.

Source: Economic Times

The cops not appreciating Praggy's skills as a raconteur. What brutes!

Source: Economic Times

Here we see Pragya petting Yo Momma.

Source: India Today

Pragya cosplaying as Baba Sehgal. She loves cosplay!

Source: Jagran

Pragminder in da house!

Source: Hindustan Times

And finally, Pragya showing us how the Kunal Kamra - Arnab Goswami showdown should have actually happened.

Source: India Today

Thank you for your service!