‘Sadhvi’ Pragya has various important tasks and duties to perform as an MP representing Bhopal. After all, working selflessly for the welfare of the people isn’t a job everyone is built for. But by god, she does it – hell, she even does it while being sick! Here’s proof.

Here she is, after telling the DJ to change the song from Tunak Tunak Tun to Ho Jayegi Balle Balle


Praggy ji teaching us how to count on our fingers. Much obliged!

The Print
The Print
The Print

Just two people who love their job staring at each other.

Times Now

A little-known fact about Pragya – she was actually too good for the NBA. She now runs the SBA – The Saffron Sadhvi Basketball Association.


Here we see Praggy G using telekinesis to extract gaumutra.


Pragya cosplaying as Lord Bobby from Soldier. Both pros at dodging bullets.

Hindustan Times

Praggy straight chilling cos’ sometimes you just gotta take a break.  


Pragya bumping into people in the pool while doing back-stroke.

Pragya recounting one of her famously hilarious stories to the cops.

Economic Times

The cops not appreciating Praggy’s skills as a raconteur. What brutes!

Economic Times

Here we see Pragya petting Yo Momma.

India Today

Pragya cosplaying as Baba Sehgal. She loves cosplay!


Pragminder in da house!

Hindustan Times

And finally, Pragya showing us how the Kunal Kamra – Arnab Goswami showdown should have actually happened.

India Today

Thank you for your service!