Recently, Amazon Prime Video uploaded one of the most iconic scenes from one of our most iconic movies Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

It’s not Shah Rukh. It’s also not Kajol. It’s a little girl sick of the drama that is unfolding in front of her eyes.

So, the scene is where Rahul and Anjali meet each other for the first time after the latter went away on a train years ago.

She has no idea what’s happened in Rahul’s life and she is now a completely changed woman, crafted according to Rahul’s fantasies. 

We don’t have the time to cover that aspect right now; so we move on. The two meet and start doing this handshake thing from when they were in college. And the little girl is just not into it.

See, she is so pissed about all this, she seems to be thinking that school was better than this camp. 

The girl is unimpressed, to say the least, and is in disbelief that two mature adults can act this way. She is around 8 years old, but this does not fly with her.

At one point, it all gets too much and she just resigns. She starts digging her nose. Because honestly, what is she getting out of this?

She probably wants to play (or count stars or whatever kids in that unusual camp did) instead of witnessing the romance between two people she doesn’t even know. Completely fair!

In sharp contrast, the girl in front of her, blinks twice during the whole scene. We all have our interests I suppose.

You can watch the scene here: