Best friends. They’re always there for you, to make you feel happy and loved. They’re always there to celebrate your success like their own. They’ve helped you through all your heartaches. And most importantly, they’ve held your hair back when you vomited after drinking 1000 gallons of alcohol.

You can never say ‘no’ to them and they know it. You’ll do anything for them and they know it. Whatever they do, you’ll love them and stand by them, and they know it. They are the biggest kameenas of your life and yet, you adore them to bits.

1. Whenever you need to get a talktime recharge, you can count on them. But your talktime gets over so soon because they use your phone more than you do!

2. They’ll happily drive you anywhere you want to go. But they never carry a wallet; because they have yours , silly!

3. They’ll always share their tiffin with you, but yours they won’t. They’ll eat up all your food, except when it’s karela and roti.

4. You thought you had lost your favourite t-shirt till the day you see them wearing it. ” Abey, tu ne hi toh di thi yaar !”

5. They’ll take care of you when you’re drunk but later, they’ll never stop making fun of it.

6. They’re always hitting on your girlfriend’s girlfriends. ” Double date par jayenge, bro!

7. They’ll call you by the most embarrassing childhood nickname you had. And they’ll make sure everyone else does too!

8.You feel confident when they say, ” Bhai, dono ek saath fail karenge” , but they always end up scoring more than you.

9. Most of the highly embarrassing photos you have on Facebook have been uploaded by these jerks .

10. And they’ll like and comment on the ugliest ones others put up.

11. They’ll help you pick the perfect dress for a party, but will borrow it for the next one!

12. Whenever they crash at your place, you find yourself on the couch or the floor.

13. For every party you throw, they’ll get all the booze. And then drink most of it.

14. They won’t let you drink when you want to, saying, “You’ve had too many.”And when you say you don’t want to drink, they’ll slyly spike your drink.

You always tell these buggers, ” Sudhar ja.” But in your heart, you know you never want them to change!