Everyone is allowed a dream and a manner of fulfilling it, as ridiculous as that manner might turn out to be. But, few would’ve guessed how Kenyan woman Sevelyn Gat’s dream of travelling across the world vicariously through a series of Photoshopped travel pictures would make her one of the most talked about people on the Internet! In fact, the reward for the lady’s amazingly clownish photo fails is one that you really wouldn’t have guessed.

Here’s how Seve’s trip to China made her a star.

Seve got some of her colleagues to Photoshop her pictures ‘travelling’ through China.

Visualization is a great manner of stepping toward your dreams, and if your dream happens to be travelling across the world then why not Photoshop. Well, Seve had the brilliant idea to let her colleagues Photoshop pictures of her through destinations in China. These will not disappoint you.

Seve Gat’s

Here’s Seve Gat’s on the Great Wall of China (or not).

Seve Gat’s

The daredevil even made it to the most dangerous trek in the world.

Seve Gat’s

The Internet, of course, couldn’t keep its hands off of this moment and went on a trolling rampage.

The sensational Photoshop fails attracted the attention of hundreds online who took to their own Photoshopping sprees and sent Seve around the world; from New York to Taj Mahal. In good faith, of course.


Apparently, she even accompanied Donald Trump during one of his speeches.


Twitter would not keep itself from the trolling frenzy either. And, trended #WhereIsSeveGatsNow.

Seve even found a way into the Marvel Universe.

But, all jokes aside, one kind-hearted Kenyan entrepreneur decided to raise the money to actually send Seve for a Chinese vacation!

Stumbling upon Seve’s amazing travel journal, Sam Gichuru, a Kenyan business man found a way to raise enough money to send Seve on a real vacation to China – all expenses paid. Claiming to be a dreamer himself, Mr Gichuru wrote on Facebook: “Talked to Sevelyn (Gat’s), she is a nice ambitious humble farmers daughter, who asked her friends to Photoshop her in China because she felt like she was there on those photos.” Her China trip is being planned for Summer 2016. For real this time.



At the moment, Seve is working on getting herself a passport. We wish Seve the best of luck for her adventures and look forward to her travel photo journal. 

Masthead Source: edugeography.com, Feature Image Source: Seve Gat’s