Of all the reasons one could use to get an e-pass during these times, a man from Irinave Kannur’s Kannapuram had the most bizarre one. 

Due to the country struggling with the second wave of COVID-19, many states have gone into lockdown but just like last year, an e-pass could be issued for essential travel purposes. 

PTI/ Tribune

As reported by DNA, a man from Kannapuram mentioned the reason in his e-pass application as  – ‘need to travel for sex.’

Seeing this, the Assistant Commissioner of the Police himself asked the Valapattanam police to find the man and bring him into the station for interrogation purposes.

CN Traveller

After interrogation, it was revealed that the man had actually made a typo in his application. 

Where he meant to write six o’clock, he by mistake wrote ‘sex’ and even apologized for this. 

Even though his apology was accepted after being asked by the police to be careful with e-passes, Twitter couldn’t help but have a laughing riot out of it.  

One user even pointed that it could be an essential need. 

Well, all’s well that sexs well..oops I meant ends well.