Who needs fancy household accessories from store shelves when those old bags you got when you went on a shopping spree a decade back is still stored in the ‘cupboard of requirement’?

If there’s one thread that connects every single Indian, it has to be our jugaadu way of doing things.

But more interesting is the stone-age way we jot down numbers on any stray piece of paper we find lying around. 

Who needs those fancy technological advancements anyway?

But a Kerala man’s mother took her jugaad to a whole new level.

A video that has been doing rounds on the internet shows that she turned her husband’s old passport into her personal phone directory.

And she did not stop just there.

She used the last few pages to make a grocery shopping list!

Defiling a passport might not be the best idea as it could still be used to prove one’s citizenship. 

However, the scribbles alone will prove his citizenship kyuki aur kaha ho sakta hai ye?